About UMA

Our Mission Statement:

To boost a future that includes regeneration, sustainability and ethics forming change agents, capable of promoting initiatives that transform social and environmental systems.

How did it come about?

The dream was born 10 years ago with a concerned group of young people from Mexico that recognized the enormous importance of creating a space for apprenticeship, to deal with the social and environmental challenges, in Latin America. During the process we have been joined by hundreds of specialists, educators, change agents and entrepreneurs for the development of an educational model that provides how to re-design our system. Initially we founded the Environmental Investigation and Learning Center (CIAMA) under which we have the official registers of our present Master’s Degree Programs. Furthering the process with CIAMA we developed the Environmental University (UMA) Universidad del Medio Ambiente, through which we desig additional Master’s Degree Programs that allow us to cover the different areas of knowledge enabling us to form a University Community . The UMA is the only University specialized in sustainability in the country and the only unique space to promote projects of socio-environmental impact.

What we do?

We offer Master’s Degree Programs, workshops, graduate level and consulting services focusing on sustainability and regeneration of social and environmental issues. Our main value is that we have created a point of reunion to accelerate the learning process between students, specialists and leaders, in sustainability. When you visit us, you will encounter an inspiring experience of connecting up with an apprenticeship community that is active in changing our world for the better.